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Lisa Fischer – Musings on a Muse

Lisa is one of many people I’ve had the privilege of meeting  being a photographic representative over the past 30 years. Though many celebrities crossed my path what I came to discover relatively quickly is that we’re all unique and famous. We may not have a television show, but that by no means diminishes our […]

Crystal, Porcelain, China, Oh My!

Living in an age with soon to be driverless cars, Judy and George Jetson are even closer to living in our new world. With the horse and buggy gone by the wayside, and as technology continues to race forward, some things have no place to go – like all my mother’s doilies, crystal, delicate china […]


This blog is dedicated to the magnificent goddesses born in the fifties and sixties who are now turning fifty and sixty. A unique demographic of women, born to parents who survived the Second World War and, in some cases, the Great Depression.  These women are the last generation of children instilled with sensibilities from those […]