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“CAPTCHA Chronicles” – The Trial and Tribulations of Proving You’re Human

I’m fed up with CAPTCHA and having to verify I am a human being. It feels like I’m in an episode of the Twilight Zone. Having to repeatedly demonstrate that I’m not a robot to some entity that stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” is exhausting. As an […]

How To Be Mentally and Financially Prepared for a Layoff

A topic that many of us may encounter in our careers is layoffs. Whether you’ve experienced it firsthand or are curious about how to prepare for the unexpected, you’re in the right place. Jin Lee, whom I interviewed concerning this issue, emphasizes that facing a layoff can be daunting, but individuals can navigate it successfully […]

Unleashing Resilience: The Power of Middle-Aged Women’s Tantrums in a Shifting World

I was thinking the other day how much I’d like to be a toddler and behave like our granddaughter. I don’t mean being a kid again; I mean having the freedom to indulge in a tantrum freely and feeling entirely resolved in those actions, exclusively when I’m pissed. Recently, our youngest experienced a meltdown at […]

I’ve Become A Grinchette

It’s not that I despise Christmas, but I do the consumerism around it. The season’s essence is magical, but it’s somehow become a production. I was raised to celebrate Christmas as the feast of St. Nicholas—an authentic dude with a real history. Santa Claus wasn’t part of my narrative. There was a lot of church […]

Navigating Stagflation: Financial Resilience in Uncertain Times

The need to feel financially unstoppable becomes more crucial amid high-interest rates and soaring inflation. We will delve into the complexities of stagflation, offering insights and strategies to overcome its financial challenges. Let’s start by acknowledging the prevalent sentiment of needing to be unstoppable during these economically challenging times and reflecting on the importance of […]

The Golden Bachelor and the Platinum Bachelorettes

ABC / Ricky Middlesworth

Reality TV is not me, but I have been groovin’ on The Golden Bachelor. It’s not the leading man who has me enamoured; it’s the powerhouse of women and their clandestine connections that steal the spotlight. The manes of platinum and grey hair have sparkled throughout the program. Sure, I get it. It’s all scripted, […]

Kindness 101

Each morning, I wake up and engage in a daily practice of meditation and breathing exercises. I quiet and balance my energies, only to get into my car and immediately cross paths with a colossal asshole who shows up out of nowhere and blows all that morning effort to shit. I know it’s a test, […]

Living Your Best Life – Clients Testimonials and Insights

In a world where life moves fast and financial goals constantly evolve, the pursuit of living your best life takes centre stage. THE QUEST FOR EARLY RETIREMENT   Many dream of retiring as early as possible, and why not?  Early retirement can be the gateway to a life filled with freedom and adventure.  Jackie and […]