Lisa Fischer – Musings on a Muse

Lisa is one of many people I’ve had the privilege of meeting  being a photographic representative over the past 30 years. Though many celebrities crossed my path what I came to discover relatively quickly is that we’re all unique and famous. We may not have a television show, but that by no means diminishes our narrative on this journey called life. Lisa was so easy to be around. Unbelievably present, grounded, authentic and stunning all the aspects so many of the women of this generation naturally possess. Poetic without trying and owning an awareness of life, the Universe, and most of all a love for herself and others that was easy and powerful to be around. She was filled with expansion. She was the real deal, and I’m thrilled that she is on the site as I launch it. When I first met her she was in overalls but it might as well have been a gown. She owned it, and it had nothing to do with her attire but rather the strength of her energy and spirit that was so captivating and beautiful.  We all have that. In some cases, it sits dormant needing a nudge to wake it up. The essence of ‘What Were You Thinking?’ is having the experience and insight to no longer sweat it. To just be and in that discover our very own Beauty, Power and Grace. There is liberation in that. I look forward to hosting other women that mirror the dynamic aspects that we all share in and letting them share their story with the sisterhood.

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