This blog is dedicated to the magnificent goddesses that were born in the fifties and sixties who are now turning fifty and sixty. A unique demographic of women, born to parents who survived the Second World War and in some cases the Great Depression. These women are the last generation of children instilled with sensibilities from those that survived both epochs. The idea of Service was instilled in them, serving everything and everyone from family to business. They fought the war on sexual discrimination and made their voices heard not only for each other but for their kids. This is the last generation of women to experience Home Economics and be taught domestic duties in schools as a matter of course, rather than expectation. They don’t necessarily practice it but they can acknowledge the value of what was instilled in them from embroidery to being the ideal hostess in a time where power was reserved for those outside the home.

Religion and the mandatory practice of countless Sundays transformed with these women. Trading the practice of religion for their own quest for consciousness. They have transformed the ingrained belief systems they were raised with into the realm of spiritual possibility. A belief system filled with light and curiosity no longer based in rite or rote.

This generation of world-changing women are trailblazers and mavericks. They are fearless, adapting and adopting to an increasingly complex digital age. They are beautiful, compassionate, assertive and open-minded. Women who won’t hesitate to reach out to the world and to each other.

Not a generation of women to piss off because under that sophisticated and intelligent veneer, they are a tough lot. They had to fight to get to where they are to become catalysts for social change. They lovingly accepted and expanded the notion of family and decimated social taboos. They are supportive, generous in spirit and because they were raised by parents who were survivors, they are a new generation of survivors. These women have no issue managing conflict resolution, relay their wants and stand up for those whose voices aren’t heard. And common to all, they share a delicious sense of humour.

I am honored to dedicate this blog to these women because they are my fellow goddesses, girlfriends, and Warrior Angels who accompany me on this journey called Life. Without them, I would be lost. The relationship that girlfriends have with each other is as deep as a marriage, though different in complexion it is every bit as loving. Theirs is an allegiance to a community of women who support each other whatever the changing world has parked at their front door.

I dedicate “What Were You Thinking?” to these driven women who’ve faced so many changes over the generations, to encourage them to not doubt their own compass as change continues to envelop each and every one of us. “What Were You Thinking” was created to focus on the sublime and the ridiculous aspects of the world as seen through our lens and to celebrate just how amazing and valuable our contribution has been and continues to be.

Grab a coffee and drop in for some insight, perspective or validation. We welcome your input. Check out what your fellow goddesses are up to and welcome to the conversation, Girlfriend.