Find Your Joy

Through my Life’s journey, I’ve come to a profound realization: Life isn’t something that happens to us; it’s something that happens for us. 

There’s a deep contrast between our perceived reality and accountability. When encountering challenging individuals or situations, we can learn to see this as a possibility to confront and overcome our inner darkness and to let it go. That problematic person or issue before you serves as a sacred catalyst for addressing the emotional intensity or internal turmoil harboured within you, often rooted in feelings of inadequacy. One can courageously address it with Grace from an innermost essence or spirit. It’s easy to blame others for the triggers they light up in you, but they’re your buttons, not the person triggering them.

If someone cuts me off while driving, I consciously choose not to dwell on it. I refuse to let that frustration dictate my day. Instead, I opt to release the incident immediately. While the situation may seem aggressive, I don’t rush to judge it. It could just as easily be something else that I’m unaware of. My reality is that I’m uncertain about how many Thanksgivings I have left to celebrate; therefore, I refuse to let my perception of a stranger’s actions sour my day. I choose to remain in my joy, knowing that only I have the power to control my reactions. 

The beauty is that if you make it a daily habit to seek out joy, you’ll find that you let go of negativity quickly and naturally return to that joyful state. When you’re joyful, you don’t feel the need for a vacation because your body responds as if it’s already on one. You feel calm, happy, grounded, and kind to yourself and others. Every day has a buzz because you’re energetically calibrating higher. This transformation is within your reach and can bring you the peace and joy you seek. 

I wish they taught this stuff in school—I really do. Why do we have to travel so far on our road before all the lights go on about us being in a state of joy? Perhaps we need the other building blocks to reach up and turn the ceiling light on. Meanwhile, the switch was already on the wall. It’s like a cruel joke or not, depending on how you look at it, and that’s precisely the point. How do you look at it with frustration, anger or wonder, and excitement? It’s so much more uncomplicated and accessible than we believe, bringing us to an intoxicating and euphoric place, which is our real home. It’s an internal manifestation. We can’t find it externally, only the illusion of it, but not the feeling that lingers and parks itself in our souls.

Amidst the storm of challenging times, immersing yourself in activities that bring you joy is like finding an oasis in the desert. It creates a safe distance from the shadows of the situation, allowing you to gain a fresh perspective from a place of calm neutrality. These moments of joy are not just fleeting respites; they are powerful tools that can transform your approach to any issues at hand. The more joy you cultivate, the more the problem dissipates, revealing the wisdom of the Universe. By daring to look beyond the surface, you can tap into a profound energy that flows endlessly and is eternal.

In a recent Quantum Physics course, I delved into the concept of energy, which lies at the heart of my discussion and forms the essence of quantum physics. Like the invisible force driving the planets, energy is omnipresent, though unseen, much like the electricity powering a lamp. You may not perceive it directly, but its effects are evident. This principle applies to Life. Rather than overanalyzing this idea, embracing the experience by seeking joy will bring you in closer alignment. Flipping your life upside down simply because you’re grateful, at peace, and receptive to what lies ahead is a game changer. That’s all there is to it. Feeling that feeling with an open heart and being ready to receive whatever else is calibrating at that level is where miracles lay. You need only feel it first.

Throughout my Life’s journey of self-awareness, the path has presented resting points where I reflect on past reactions driven by fear and separation, revealing moments of behaviour lacking in light and consequently void of joy. In such instances, it is clear that the ego drew those lines, inviting suffering into my Life.

When immersed in joy, boundaries fade away. Fear dissipates because you trust in the Universe’s protection, extending to yourself and those in conflict with you. Remember, Life isn’t happening to you but for you. Open your heart in such moments; your light and energy will transcend even the most challenging circumstances. A fact that has been proven true concerning how high-calibrating energy operates. It only takes one individual filled with light, grounded, open, and surrendered to love, free from resistance, to spark significant positive change. It’s similar to imagining a vast, pitch-black commercial space, and someone ignites a match. Despite the massive amount of darkness, that light shines brightly against it. Darkness can’t overtake light. The power of light and its amplification naturally occurs when we find our joy.

Resistance leads to low calibration, while surrender elevates it. Similarly, anger lowers vibrations, joy heightens them, and frustration diminishes while peace flourishes. The path to this elevated state is surprisingly simple: engage in activities that bring you joy. This effortless approach allows you to confront your shadows with an open heart, attracting experiences and opportunities you may never have imagined. Find joy in simple pleasures like taking a relaxing bath, enjoying coffee with a friend, laughing, organizing, reading a favourite book, or walking your dog. You don’t need to scale walls to reach where you aspire to be; it’s attainable through small moments that ironically have considerable returns in raising our energies that are otherwise inconceivable in our old hardwired thinking. These moments await you, ready to bring you peace and joy.

Find your joy, understand how to return to it if you stray, and make it the beacon you strive for every moment of every day. Find your joy, stand in that energy and be the zenith to your enlightenment. 

It really is that basic.