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How To Be Mentally and Financially Prepared for a Layoff

A topic that many of us may encounter in our careers is layoffs. Whether you’ve experienced it firsthand or are curious about how to prepare for the unexpected, you’re in the right place. Jin Lee, whom I interviewed concerning this issue, emphasizes that facing a layoff can be daunting, but individuals can navigate it successfully […]

Navigating Stagflation: Financial Resilience in Uncertain Times

The need to feel financially unstoppable becomes more crucial amid high-interest rates and soaring inflation. We will delve into the complexities of stagflation, offering insights and strategies to overcome its financial challenges. Let’s start by acknowledging the prevalent sentiment of needing to be unstoppable during these economically challenging times and reflecting on the importance of […]

Living Your Best Life – Clients Testimonials and Insights

In a world where life moves fast and financial goals constantly evolve, the pursuit of living your best life takes centre stage. THE QUEST FOR EARLY RETIREMENT   Many dream of retiring as early as possible, and why not?  Early retirement can be the gateway to a life filled with freedom and adventure.  Jackie and […]

How Do You Lose Wealth

Kelley Keehn joins Jackie to discuss losing wealth. Inspired by Annie Lennox’s song “Here Comes the Rain Again,” they delve into why individuals may face financial setbacks and the lessons that can be learned from such experiences. Kelly Keehn, a renowned financial expert and founder of MoneyWise Workplaces, shares insights on minimizing the dangers of […]

Estate Planning for Business Owners

Jackie and Jin are back discussing the theme of the “last dance,” reflecting on the passing of Donna Summer, a talented singer. The song acknowledges that confronting our mortality is a universal experience, regardless of fame, and emphasizes the importance of cherishing every moment. Nobody talks about dying, but if it is not prepared well, […]

Cultivating A Growth Mindset When It Comes To Money

Let’s get into the conversation today about cultivating wealth and the power of mindset. How do you feel when you reach a goal you have set for yourself? Are you elated or deflated? Sometimes when you reach a goal you never thought you would, it may not make you as happy as you thought it […]

Business Owners, It’s Time to Start Spring Cleaning

I’m back with  Melissa Houston this week to discuss spring cleaning finances for business owners. Melissa is a speaker, Author and Forbes writer. She will let us know what it means to organize your finances this tax season. Are you one of those business owners who pile up receipts in a shoebox and get overwhelmed […]

How to Effectively Work with your Accountant

As a financial planner and business owner, I know firsthand how important it is to have strong financial professionals on your team. One of the most important relationships you need to cultivate, especially as a business owner, is your relationship with your accountant. For many business owners, dealing with taxes is a constant challenge. Having […]

Creating a Financial Vision Board

This month Jackie is discussing strategies for creating a financial vision board in 2023. We hope you are keeping a positive mindset for a successful year ahead. It is time to start thinking about making this year your best financial year. Let’s talk about building the financial vision board. Start by sharing some of the […]