Happy Fu*king 2024!

It’s a new year, and I’m late out of the gate with no resolutions.

No diets, as that is not a wagon I ever hop on. I do not foresee any separation, never mind divorce on the horizon, with my dear friends, chocolate and bread. We are intimate lifetime partners. I will continue to use the f-word, which happens to be my favourite word because it’s fabulously versatile as an adverb, adjective, noun and verb, and I appreciate versatility in everything, including language. I will maintain my ‘compassionate diet’ because that’s sacred to me, to not let anything damaging crash my party or assault my senses. No negative news, no feeding on fear, no gossip, none of it. It serves nothing and no one. My senses will be exposed to things that raise, not lower, my energies. I’m on a vibe of kindness and would like to surf this until my wave no longer exists. Soaking in only good vibes instead of subjecting myself to dread-mongering talking heads spreading fear to raise advertising revenues. Never mind the news, Pharma commercials do the same thing. Sometimes, it’s impossible not to feel that you have whatever they’re selling a pill for. I’ll happily mute them all and stick to my music; at least my tunes won’t aim to make my heart race or cause diarrhea and are void of incapacitated fear—something there is already way too much of out there. I’m doubling down on being aware of my reality and not getting caught in illusion.

The world has lost sight of the value of life, but I’m here to throw out the life vest to anyone reaching for it. My meditation game is strong, holding the intention of life’s worthiness, hoping it reaches those whose hearts need a good thawing, allowing compassion and empathy to move through. Peace must prevail. It’s not a luxury. It’s our only way out of the chaos. We must find, make, and sprinkle it everywhere like cupcake confetti. No peace, no progress – simple as that.

For 2024, I’m cranking up the awareness volume. I’d rather have a belly laugh pissing my pants than a victory lap in an argument. Folks can push their points, but I’ve got a VIP pass to decline anything that doesn’t impart joy within me. Forget my closets. It’s my essence that I desire to organize so it calibrates so high I can feel nothing but pleasure. My values and beliefs are non-negotiable. This is prime time to rock. The clock ticking is a metronome on turbo mode. Time moved like a sloth as children, but now it’s running laps around us. Thankfully, time is a construct, a human invention that we don’t need to dance to. We can leverage it to work for us. The essence lies in focusing on what truly counts. Time becomes irrelevant in that state of mind, allowing only pleasure, joy, and love to prevail.

I will continue to focus on my intuition. That delicious little voice that is an expert at whispering and dropping truth bombs when you least expect it. I now want that voice on blast mode. It’s always on point, bringing a smile to my face and trust in my convictions. I’ll take more of that, please, for 2024.

I want to laugh more in this next year, which means more primetime with my girlfriends. I’m diving headfirst into some university courses, ready to toss ideas like ticker tape. Our crew knows how to flip any topic on its head thanks to the wisdom and experiences we’ve racked up where dynamic debates can happen, and who doesn’t like a good discussion. It’s like mental fencing. At our age, our wisdom and experience are intrinsic in turning any topic upside down. As for having game, when it comes to self-care, why do we treat everyone around us, including our cars, better than ourselves? That ends now.

There’s no saving anything for another day. No more waiting for the perfect moment. They’re all perfect. If I feel like champagne on a rainy Tuesday with a slice of pizza, then so be it. I will toast the Universe and smile at how it always watches over me.

My wardrobe will reflect who I’ve become and where I’m heading. My smart suits and fancy clothing are gone. The tailored trousers will leave all except for a couple. Instead of high heels, high tops will become the appropriate accompaniment. I will dress according to my style, not what fashion dictates, and comfort will reign supreme. I will become who I’m meant to be.

So, in this new year, the first page of the age of Aquarius represents gifts of pure intentions and truth to wash over the world; I wish for everyone reading this that 2024 serves as a doorway to decades of blessings and abundance. May you embark on the things you desire but are afraid to pursue doing it with an open and trusting heart. May you find that fantastic part of yourself that you’ve securely hidden for no good reason and share it with the rest of the world. Don’t deny yourself anything that pleases you. It’s not about tangibles. It’s about all the free intangibles we don’t access, which are far more satisfying and can penetrate our hearts and souls. Time to let it shine. If not now, then when?

Happy New Year, Ladies. May this year’s beauty, power and Grace wash over you and ignite you to become the light others lean on to find their way.

Happy Fu*king New Year, you brilliant mavens!