The Golden Bachelor and the Platinum Bachelorettes

ABC / Ricky Middlesworth

Reality TV is not me, but I have been groovin’ on The Golden Bachelor.

It’s not the leading man who has me enamoured; it’s the powerhouse of women and their clandestine connections that steal the spotlight. The manes of platinum and grey hair have sparkled throughout the program. Sure, I get it. It’s all scripted, sprinkled with that intended Hollywood magic, but there’s a limit to what a script can do. Those fresh-faced gals? Bless them, but they’re still in the kiddie pool while these seasoned pros have navigated the entire waterpark. And boy, does it show! The women have stories etched in their laughter lines, strutting with a confidence that says, “I’ve seen and done things, darling.” It’s not only attractive; it’s magnetic. That kind of strutting is earned from a lifetime subscription to a roller coaster of experiences.

Their honesty was endearing when the debate raged about whether the meatballs or the homemade guacamole turned the house into a methane lounge. We’re well acquainted with the post-baby body orchestra – internal organs rearranged like a room full of furniture. Having your bladder relocated somewhere near your armpits. Using the bathroom post-childbirth feels like a miracle. So post menopause, letting one rip is just a sound of a symphony of good health in a room where the furniture never returned quite to its original position.

I created ‘WhatWereYouThinking’ for my gal pals because our energy is unmatched, and it is like belonging to a distinct club of incredible female power. Watching how my mom’s squad swooped in after my father passed, creating an epic final chapter in her life, was pure magic. She’d have been adrift without them, but those friendships kept her going. They’re a league of their own, more profound than any marriage. If men fostered similar connections, they might unlock the secret to living longer. These women have all faced life’s sucker punches; some have trekked through the heart-wrenching journey of losing their soulmate, only to have to stitch themselves together and keep on with their life odyssey. Not a cakewalk.

These women cheer each other on, and while there’s some sneaky business, it’s not like they’re putting in overtime for it, which is light years away from the junior league drama. These ladies are a rare breed compared to the episodes with the youngins who haven’t tied the knot, raised rugrats, or built a legacy like these legends. I’d join their squad any day, as they’re my people.

What also blows my mind is the stunning beauty these women exude. They’ve owned their energy for eons. From hearing aids and laugh lines to loose skin. There’s no shame, nor should there be any. Smile and keep strutting. To live with that type of confidence is addictive. These powerhouses are the women in my community, and I depend on them to raise my energy higher in this wildly chaotic world. They’ve got the wisdom, smarts, and open hearts that life’s experiences bestow upon you, especially with the Everest of challenges they’ve conquered. And it’s not just them. It’s all women their age. They are just a sample of the collective in today’s world.

The one senior bachelorette who dipped to tend to her daughter pulled on my heartstrings. That’s the code that women with mileage on them live by. We show up, no games, no fuss, and get it done even when it’s a tough call.

There are tons of top-notch guys keen on these women, and I’m cheering for these ladies to get those calls. One of them hit the nail on the head when she spoke about how we start fading into invisibility as we get older, and she’s right, but why is that? We’re extraordinary, a power squad, going from clunky typewriters to owning the digital world, from rebellious beliefs to cosmic insights. We’ve bulldozed through walls our mothers could only dream of. We’re Warrior Angels, and our kids might not realize how much as even they have boxed us in as just “Mom.”

Frankly, who Gerry picks doesn’t matter because they’re all winners by showing up. That takes gonads. I hope this show flings wide open the doors for those, never mind over 50, but 60 and 70, open to genuine love and company. These ladies still have a truckload of exploring ahead of them, and they adore life, fully aware of how fleeting and precious it is in a way they never grasped in their wild youth. They don’t need to justify who they are; they already have that memo. They’ve given themselves the green light to chuck out any baggage, letting that playful, curious little girl within them party hard with laughter and joy – except now, that little girl resides in a body society labels as’ mature’ or ‘older.’ At this age, the spirit, soul and body merge into a beautiful, high, calibrating and, stunning, energetic woman, which is a complete deal.

Hats off to this gang of incredible, life-conquering mavens who are our posse. This is what Beauty, Power, and Grace look like.