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Face Everything And Rejoice

The toxicity we consume from forever chemicals to plastics is ridiculous. Still, fear is the most poisonous thing we devour, negatively impacting every aspect of our well-being. We ingest a substantial dose of fear daily. It is ego’s jet fuel placing it in the driver’s seat, steering our behaviour outside of who we authentically are. […]

What Does Financial Planning Look Like at Different Life Stages?

Introduction Growing your wealth and security. It’s a life-long commitment, offering lasting rewards. How should your financial planning change as you grow older? What priorities do you need to focus on at different stages of your life? Let me tell you about our team of advisors. As a client, you need an advisor to trust […]

Investing Tips For Empowering Women’s Confidence

Why aren’t women investing as much as men? Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t as significant a financial literacy gap as a confidence gap between men and women. The financial confidence gap of 60% has more with women not tapping into what they already know about money when making investment decisions. Women tend to be […]


I don’t typically start my blogposts with “what were you thinking,” but when it comes to middle-aged women, their feet and shoes, this is the only starting point there is. With things now opening up, I received an invitation to a designer shoe sale. There wasn’t one pair of shoes for me in a 50,000 […]

Size Matters

Unless you have the eyes of a Marvel comic book superhero, you’re not able to read the directions on the side of a bottle of medication of any type these days.The pandemic had me on screens and reading more than usual, straining my eyes.  What aggravated the situation was attempting to read what is written […]

Covid Math

With another lockdown, I’m back to Covid math. If you have a sander with a #1,000 grit paper, how many sheets do you need to file your foot calluses during a lockdown? If there are 650 people in line for a vaccine, and it’s blistering cold or wet, how many hours must pass before you’re […]

A Pinch In Time

The vaccines have arrived, with some proclaiming Hallelujah! They started with a perceived value to that of a Faberge egg. Now, with the potential side effects, their value has somewhat diminished to scrambled eggs. I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but this feels rushed to me. I’m fine to let someone take my place in queue until […]

Kiss My Money Goodbye

It’s official. I am not an online shopper. I have given the whole ‘online’ shopping experience the best kick at the can and am now resigned that it’s not for me. It’s suitable for some tangibles like books and cleaners, but anything outside of staples it’s a giant crapshoot. Before ordering an elegant romper on […]