Everything is Fluid

Another holiday season and year have passed with no-go boots or bright pink hot pants beneath the tree.

I suspect that’s a good thing. The psychological implications should I have been the recipient of those Christmas gifts would be cruel, scarring my family’s psyche.

No fruit cake this year. Actually, there hasn’t been for the past several years. My folks never understood how a cake could be so hard and heavy, not to mention being void of a mocha cream filling and still be called a Christmas cake. Growing up, I recall them appreciating this tradition more as a piece of hardware. Namely utilizing them as door stoppers. The muddy-looking quasi-cakes remained in their seasonal decorative wrap. Preventing doors in the shotgun-style home from slamming courtesy of the open windows and gusts of warm spring air. They were exemplary in that application until the heat set in, spoiling them and rendering them rancid.

Like a fruit cake, 2023 may appear muddy and speckled—the dried fruit a reminder of the rainbow of possibilities that can amaze us. But unlike how it held a door open, we’ll have to expand our consciousness to lessen the breeze, so there is no slamming of doors.

The past year had Speedy Gonzales’signature all over it as it raced by. I strongly suspect that will be the flavour of future years. It didn’t feel that fast when I was knee-deep in diapers and working. Now, that soft whisp of air across my cheek is no longer a loose piece of hair but a calendar year of 12 months soaring by. I am intimately aware of what my mother labelled as ‘time flies.’ Feeling like January 2022 when it’s 2023.

As for 2023 and all its possibilities, I can’t say whether it will be a good or bad year because that judgment doesn’t serve. It will be neither. It will be a year of blessings and abundance if we are open to seeing it. Candidly, those opportunities exist every day. It will be a year of prospects and synergy if we open ourselves up to it. It will be a year of love and creativity if we dare to unblock ourselves, shedding our resistance and embracing our gifts, whatever they may be. It will be a year when we become more comfortable making friends with the woo-woo surrounding us instead of resisting it.

It will be another year where icons will cross over, whether known or unknown. Every passing resembles an outcome no different from when a library burns down. With it, the relinquishing of wisdom, insights and experiences we may or may not ever learn.

It will be a year when we will discover we no longer need to live our smaller lives and, instead, engage in what is no longer dangerous to us, which is the journey of our truth. Reflecting on our authentic selves and bringing us into our Big Life.

It will be a time when we will lose more dinosaurs. Those holding on by their nails to systems and antiquated beliefs that do not serve nor permit expansion but delay it. Old ideas that stall the progression of humanity, holding it hostage when it needs to advance, especially in the area of love. Those who subscribe to old illusions are incapable of fathoming or perceiving the power and healing intrinsic to Love. Those who operate like dinosaurs cannot connect the dots that love wins at everything, not exclusively at some things. It can heal the environment and stop wars. Its powers are infinite and exist in perpetuity. Yet, historically we turn our back on what can transcend every aspect of our lives and the lives of others. Cowering instead of embracing a luminous light. Seeking to be in a shadow of fear rather than the brilliance that exists before us. That madness is why the world is in such disarray, and our governments have become fruit salads of dysfunction.

It will be a new year where we will discover hidden talents that will whisper our name. It will be up to us to choose and follow the quiet calling alongside its deep nudgings. A year where we will stumble upon simple insights that will transcend our views or way of being or even how we do things, and it will delight us. A year where struggles will surface, but we will have the experience and insight to recognize them as being temporary, which is more than half the battle. We need not suffer incarcerating ourselves in resistance but rather move through whatever shows up in front of us with beauty, power and grace.

We will be mindful of what we eat and how much we drink. We will learn to acquire and savour a good night’s rest alongside exercise while sporting this rental vehicle we call a body. Cognizant that how we feed and look after our temple permits us to move forward effortlessly on this spiritual adventure. We will bear witness to our friends and family as they move forward on their path and will happily be there for them should they require a shoulder or some assistance.

We will give up complacency knowing how precious time is.  Being mindful of the minutes and humbled by the realization they are limited. Opting to spend our energy wisely on things that feed our souls while preserving the energies that keep us in alignment.

It will be a year when we will see hints of new technology that will eventually transform our lives. And a year where political hubris will start to be challenged. We will enter an era of transparency, with people demanding to see what they would otherwise be told. Passing off perceived truths has had its day. A healing world is rooted in honour, and everyone takes responsibility for their actions. Politicians cannot be surprised by public pushback. Instead, they should stand in integrity as public servants and welcome and work with those energies, not against them for personal gain. The days of politicians drinking the Kool-aid and forgetting they are public servants, not self-appointed demagogues, will start to fracture.

If we are still, we’ll feel that veil lifting and be able to tap into the magic on the other side. Access that is afforded to everyone but easier through surrender, especially at our age by the decades we have banked. Simultaneously releasing our limited thoughts and making room for expansive ones. In that, discovering how loved we are, how little we need, how powerful we are and how stunning each breath is.

The practice of meditation, reading, solitude, and being conscious of staying aligned every moment of every day will continue to be my practice. There will be no scales to tally weight, comparisons, or judgments. None will be imposed upon me because I know that if I’m in balance, everything else around me will be as well.

My senses will be denied anything that is fear-based and chaotic. Exposing myself only to those things that are nurturing and will equip me to stay rooted and strong. I will continue participating in groups whose collective energy is holding intentions for global peace and healing.

And as we move forward in 2023 and shed old beliefs and fears, our spirit will reflect a calm, balanced, inviting and luxurious beauty that we will emulate. There will be a sureness, no matter the chaos outside of ourselves. No traffic jam, line-up or congestion will tax us as we spend those moments in a reality disconnected from the disarray. Becoming masters in immersing ourselves in a higher and loving truth.

Irrespective of what surfaces, we must remind ourselves that we are whole and complete and can move through whatever comes our way. Everything is fluid, and nothing is designed in the universe to stay the same. Change is the constant, and with that, all will pass. That understanding alone empowers and frees us from fear. Which is nothing more than a dangerous narrative our ego creates to keep itself emboldened in illusion when instead, we should be rooted in our consciousness. A state filled with love and compassion, free of fear. It is our birthright and natural way of being from which we can engage and flourish in this dimension.

I send you intentions for 2023 to be a doorway to decades of blessings and abundance. Embrace this year. Allow its expansion into your life, and with it, all the miracles destined to be yours to enjoy.

The best is yet to come.