Creating a Financial Vision Board

This month Jackie is discussing strategies for creating a financial vision board in 2023. We hope you are keeping a positive mindset for a successful year ahead. It is time to start thinking about making this year your best financial year. Let’s talk about building the financial vision board.

Start by sharing some of the goals in your vision board to reference what should be there. Some peoples are to lose some weight and travel! Yes, anything and everything you want should be in there.

Make sure your financial vision board is visible.

To help you stay motivated and on track with your set goals, ensure your vision board is kept in a prominent spot and a place where you go at least once every day. This will help to keep you on track even when life gets very challenging! Think of the fridge or your background wallpaper for those who would create a virtual vision board. Having some visual cues in your vision board is also essential as it serves as reminders to help you stay motivated and inspired about how to get started. Be intentional about the details and additional ideas on how you plan to reach your set goals.

Prioritize debts

When creating the vision board, you want to include more than just why you have specific goals but how you plan to hit them. For debts, you want to add tools that you will use to pay off debts. It could be a budget software that helps you track your spending. You also want to add what will inspire you when paying these debts is hard. A simple image of someone sleeping soundly will do – it reassures you and will make it easy for you to keep going.

Ask yourself why your vision board matters.

A vision board has to be really personal for you to be able to stick to it. You must dig really deep and consider what is important to you this year, what changes to your finances you want to see this year, and why it matters so much to you. These are questions to ask yourself when creating that financial vision board. You must have a compelling enough reason to stick to your plan to achieve your goals. Remember that your goals must be important to you to reach them. The vision board helps you tune out the noise and stick to your goals.

Key takeaways

  • Think about what you want to change about your finances in 2023 and what is currently keeping you up at night
  • What would you like to do more of when it comes to your finances in 2023?
  • Is there an opportunity in your current financial situation to take advantage of? Look into those group RRSP plans and ensure you are taking advantage of all benefits from your employer.

Your future is determined by those small steps you take today. Take charge of your money, and let us help you build your financial fortress in these uncertain times. Abundance awaits you. Please reach out to