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Covid Math

With another lockdown, I’m back to Covid math. If you have a sander with a #1,000 grit paper, how many sheets do you need to file your foot calluses during a lockdown? If there are 650 people in line for a vaccine, and it’s blistering cold or wet, how many hours must pass before you’re […]

A Pinch In Time

The vaccines have arrived, with some proclaiming Hallelujah! They started with a perceived value to that of a Faberge egg. Now, with the potential side effects, their value has somewhat diminished to scrambled eggs. I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but this feels rushed to me. I’m fine to let someone take my place in queue until […]

Kiss My Money Goodbye

It’s official. I am not an online shopper. I have given the whole ‘online’ shopping experience the best kick at the can and am now resigned that it’s not for me. It’s suitable for some tangibles like books and cleaners, but anything outside of staples it’s a giant crapshoot. Before ordering an elegant romper on […]


I received a video some time ago of world leaders singing the words to John Lennon’s song, “Imagine.” The message illustrates what could be but isn’t. That got me thinking. What if Donald Trump suddenly experienced an iota of enlightenment. What would that look like in a parting note to Americans?  “My amazing and fantastic […]

Cossack Christmas

Christmas 2020 was similar to Christmas 1987. Long before the pandemic, it was its own version of “Schitt’s Creek.” A year ripe with divorces, double-digit interest rates, and bankruptcies. In my third year of marriage, surrounded by our own challenges at the time, I decided to create a quasi Christmas dinner/party that celebrated the goodness […]


Not a day passes that I don’t suffer from Roborhea. The digital diarrhea of excessive robocalls. The symptoms are identical, discomfort, uneasiness and wanting it to stop. Scammers have hijacked my daily calls. This inundation of robocalls has trained me not to pick up any call whose number I don’t recognize. Alexander Graham Bell would […]

Announcing a new section for WhatWereYouThinking!

“What Were You Thinking” is happy to announce that our family is growing. We will be hosting monthly blogposts by award-winning financial planner Jackie Porter. Jackie is a best selling author and speaker who has helped thousands of clients grow their net worth while building a fortress around their finances, focusing on keeping more of […]

Oh God!

It’s ironic, the appearance of Catholicism of late showing up in the U.S. election.There are those Catholics voting for Trump and those voting for Biden.  The same faith, two camps, go figure? Another example of how fractured Catholicism is. Adding to both camps’ polarization is the Pope’s recent announcement for gay couples, endorsing civil unions. […]