Face Everything And Rejoice

The toxicity we consume from forever chemicals to plastics is ridiculous. Still, fear is the most poisonous thing we devour, negatively impacting every aspect of our well-being.

We ingest a substantial dose of fear daily. It is ego’s jet fuel placing it in the driver’s seat, steering our behaviour outside of who we authentically are. We all have an ego. I happen to think that mine is a colossal asshole. The pinnacle voice of judgement committed to separation from love.

We’ve rationalized fear. Absorbing it into our mind, body and soul every minute of every day. Want to age faster or attract a disease? How about gain weight or lose hair, even compromise your immune system, then have a cup of fear. Why eat organic or exercise when we sabotage that by subconsciously consuming copious amounts of fear daily and willingly. Allowing it to spawn within ourselves as we shut down our hearts, bringing internal harm and pacifying the self-inflicted pain through overeating, over stressing, over everything just so the ego can run the show.

As a child, fear was my inheritance from a strict Catholic upbringing filled with harsh nuns to a father who was a freedom fighter during WWII and had severe PTSD. Fear surrounded me. It was in the food we ate, the news we watched, our family dynamics, the radio we listened to, the stories from the war and the depression, and of course, the church. They were the David Copperfield’s of peddling fear. It’s how they filled their collection plates and have survived all these years. It’s easy to find a tribe of people who have an allegiance to fear. But try finding a tribe committed to love. That’s where I want to park my soul. My parents couldn’t sever themselves from the past, so it got carried forward. It wasn’t until I started to age that I identified how deeply rooted fear was within me, and I needed to evict it.

From an observational point of view, the stamina of fear is quite fantastic. It can control the masses; look at what happened during the pandemic. It can give power to those who should never have it, and it can destroy one’s life. If we replace fear with love, we would see our lives and the world calibrate at augmented energetic levels. The planet isn’t going to hell in a handbasket; that’s fear dictating that. Fear is False Expectations Appearing Real. It’s an aspect of your ego fucking around with you so that your authentic inner voice, your Higher Self, your intuition are silenced, allowing the cunning ego to have centre stage. Fear limits us from taking chances by setting parameters and deciding our future. It incarcerates us, makes us feel undeserving, unsafe, and places us in victimhood. It damages our relationships, infusing jealousy and separation and introduces one of fear’s many cousins: attachment. Anytime you have an attachment to an outcome, you’re never in a neutral place. No matter what decision you make, it will consistently be off-centre and have an emotional charge. Not giving a crap is the most beautiful place to be. It doesn’t mean you don’t care. It means you’re not invested in an outcome allowing the Universe to bring magic to your party.

Control is an illusion except when it comes to our thoughts. That is the only thing in life we can command, so why not let the sweet ones in and shut the door on the rest? If I sound delusional, so be it. I’m living my truth, happy, surrounded by love. That’s magical. What I have no amount of money could ever buy. Allowing fear into that equation is like opening the door to a sniper. Welcome, here’s my essence. Do with it as you choose. Fear will forever have you off-track, so you won’t manifest what you want; you’ll manifest what fear demands. Fear is an illusion that can penetrate every aspect of our lives, yet we blindly let it wreak havoc and are unconscious as it takes possession of our lives, putting us in a place of struggle. Fear’s crew is equally poisonous—a breeding ground of bitterness, resentments, negativity and anger. Debbie Downer shares the same circle of friends.

The pandemic was a spectacular performance in fear. Fear managed to brand a virus, wildly profit from it, and make like the bogey man around it, believing it had crowned something that would give ego stability, limiting freedoms while creating more possibilities to ensure its survival. And it can if you believe that. If you don’t, it can’t. You design your reality. Fear was great for generating editorial revenues. The saying “if it bleeds, it leads” is how news travels and media profits are made. Wondrous stories remaining in the shadow of fear. How messed up is that?

There is a misconception that hate is the opposite of love, but it’s not; fear is. When you’re in the place of love, you are euphoric, peaceful. All your senses are augmented. You’re in the sweet and natural universal spot of alignment, embracing gratitude. Fear spills tar on all that. It can’t be in the centre; it’s always off to one side. If it were in the centre lane, it would need to surrender to love, causing its demise. Being off-centre fear brings with it discord, pain, judgement, and the extended family of misfits hijacking a fabulous day and clogging it in doubt, resentment, conflict, and tears. When carrying miserable feelings, we think we’re sticking it to those perceived as not there for us. We’re not. We’re torturing ourselves on behalf of others—people who are all aspects of us. To be fearful of one another is to be afraid of ourselves. Whatever we fear in another exists within us. We’re just projecting. As humanity, it’s stunning how stupid we are.

Fear is a squatter occupying space, offering deception and depletion while creating devastation in its occupancy. It makes noise 24/7, and just as you engage in something great, it surfaces, leaving its trash right outside of your heart, undermining your joy and messing up your head.

It’s been five years since I’ve engaged in a fear-free lifestyle making a conscious decision to stop ingesting fear through all my senses. The results have been astounding. Saying no to judgements and to anything media-wise perpetuating fear. No to consuming any products or materials that have trauma attached to them and declaring yes to love, liberation and miracles. Taking ownership of my soul and ensuring only one tenant lives there. Love. My tank is filled with 100% love each morning, and fear doesn’t get 1% of that. It would weasel another percent if it could until it moved in, and I won’t allow that.

I endeavour to maintain a reality void of fear. To be fearless is to live in that place of trust. Knowing no matter how complex your challenges are in the moment, they’re transitory as nothing has permanency, and the Universe has your back. That’s a fact. Threading loving moments together changes our lives instantaneously.

If there’s something you want to remove from your life, start with fear and circle back. From that point, everything else will look after itself. Don’t fear anything, not illness, rejection, failure. Instead, walk through it. It’s our journey called life. Fear labels everything; love experiences it. Love Faces Everything And Rejoices. It’s your ego’s judgment that makes it something it’s not. Who cares what someone has or experiences. If you trust in the Universe, you’ll realize everyone’s path is sacred possessing infinite abundance. Trusting in the Universe is the sweetest way to live and is destructive to fear.

Even though I kicked fear out a long time ago, it still knocks on my door. It domineers and yells at me, behaving like a petulant toddler continually pounding on the gateway to my soul, begging to come back while making empty promises. My intuition has expanded, allowing less room for fear’s existence. I’ve experienced the health benefits of not worrying, being peaceful and present and opening myself to love each day. As for current events, the Universe routinely brings me what I need to know, see, hear and do without exception. How nice is that!

Moving forward in these unprecedented times, we need to focus on love and happiness. Those woo-woo ideas are imperative becoming the foundation of redesigning a life filled with prosperity and possibility while flipping the bird to fear who can’t penetrate the power of light because it’s fear’s kryptonite. Try lighting a match in a 50,000 square foot pitch-black warehouse. You’ll see it regardless of how dark it is. Even a little is a lot.   Let it illuminate your path as you take your garbage cans to the curb, stuffed with fear and ditch them.

Lisa Natoli said it best. There exist only two bubbles one can live in at any one moment in life. A love bubble and a fear bubble. Which one are you in?



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