The Impossible is Possible

Now that we’re living through ‘Anything is Possible,’ can the ‘Impossible become the new Possible?’

These words have roots like never before as we live through this global pause. The current circumstances are beyond our imagination, yet here we are, living day to day, through a pandemic, protecting ourselves and each other. The Coronavirus is demonstrating not only as a crash course in Enlightenment but reminding us that we are one family and one humanity. That living in a place of ego, void of compassion, has brought us to a place of separation amongst humankind. No more. We’ve arrived at a new juncture. How we proceed from this sacred point is up to each of us.

We are currently experiencing life consciously by being present to a virus that doesn’t discriminate, and neither should we. Instead of coming through a physical war, our casualties are coming through a battle on a virus. In that, we must acknowledge those that have passed. Their crossing over, the opening of gates to a new awareness for humanity. Our self-quarantine extended during Easter, a celebration of transformation, mirroring this obvious fact even further.

You can’t open the door to Enlightenment, have your ‘aha’ moment and then return to where you were. It doesn’t work that way. Awareness is work. Once the door opens, it stays that way until we gain our insight and move towards the next door; this is the journey of life. Each door unlocks as we expand, and our awareness grows. Ironically, it’s during difficult and stressful times that we grow. Upon reflection, those experiences become blessings. Time providing the distance in processing the shifting perspective and gifting us the wisdom we didn’t previously possess. This colossal shift helps us redirect our compass. We get to decide what happens next by rebuilding our life on a solid foundation equipped with an acute new appreciation—limiting our exposure to fear and replacing it with love. I’m not talking about the ethereal Hallmark card moment concerning love. I’m talking about hardcore love and all of its aspects. Releasing judgement, being self-disciplined, forgiveness, generosity, not being in resistance or negativity. Recognizing we are all aspects of each other, having trust in the God/Universe/Life, helping others, observing boundaries, and living outside of ego. Ultimately, taking responsibility for what we say, do, think, behave—all of it.

Pursuing one’s awareness is rooting into the fabric of the Universe. Consciously living is why we’re here. It’s not logical in its outcome because anything limitless exists outside the box, including us. It positions one in the place of ‘anything is possible.’ That’s always existed, we just couldn’t comprehend it to the degree that we are now, having an experience anchoring us to this awareness.

Things we held tightly onto no longer hold the same resonance. It feels natural to let go and to reassess and detach from belief systems that previously served. The same is true for relationships, jobs; everything is up for examination. Things that no longer serve will slip away while other opportunities more in line with who we are, energetically show up. The shift is massive when one’s insight expands. Learning to support our mental, physical and spiritual well being, and ultimately finding our way in the world as our true authentic self. Enlightenment is limitless in the possibilities that can unfold, and if you don’t believe that, then look out the window. We are living through an incredible, improbable, unfathomable moment.

We’re witnessing the unconditional love and compassion of those on the front lines. Those who did not know the depths to which they can draw on, and it stirs our hearts because that is who deep down we know ourselves to be. We begin to remember we are all whole and complete no matter what station or post in life we hold. We’ve kept love out of so many things for so long it’s taken a pandemic to show how ill we are in our awareness. Jiddu Krishnamurti said it best. “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

We will not be returning to what we were familiar with as being normal; this is a good and necessary thing. Awareness means you don’t go backwards only forwards. That though the front end is effortful, the back end is worth it, internally discovering your authenticity. Releasing the aspects of darkness, the petty jealousies, the emotional charges, so you can open up to the limitless magnificence that is you in a capacity you can’t imagine. Every human being owns this without exception. Our ego and attachment outside of ourselves keep us shackled to a world of struggle and pain.

Everything is now open for examination and redesign as we move forward into something that has a stronger foundation than before and can be of service in a capacity that is thoughtful, meaningful, all-inclusive and expansive. We’ve already seen it in firms like Apple and Google joining forces to create a tracking tool that one can volunteer to participate in that lets you know if you’ve been exposed to someone with the virus. Then there are the many companies that abandoned what they’re known for and adapting to develop personal protective equipment. Ideas like businesses consciously operating with compassion, laughable because we were so distant from our alignment. Now, possible. Sure there will be those in resistance wanting to claw back to what was, but that stop no longer exists on the road of life. Any resemblance to an old way of being will be living in illusion and with that will come struggle and unease as it distances oneself from their alignment.

I’ve spoken to a lot of people during this time, and everyone has a different experience around this pandemic. Some in fear, others in conspiracy theories, some deeply rooted in their past, refusing to see this global hiatus as holding any possibility. Then there are those in joy, saying, “I get it.” The forced stop is making them examine everything in their lives while asking themselves the difficult questions that they otherwise wouldn’t have asked. Excited in moving forward as powerfully committed to their authenticity. Consciously leaving a time of selfishness and entering a time, my conscious teacher calls ‘Self-Is-Ness.’ Loving themselves and sharing that with others, not living in fear but love, allowing what needs to break away to leave. Being in trust that the opening of any new door will be filled with fulfilling possibilities.

We’ve worked to eliminate stuff from our homes, embracing only those things that feed, nurture and bring us comfort. Culling, cleaning, sorting and taking inventory. We’ve come to see and experience our families, friends, neighbours, strangers and pets in a new light. Pet adoptions exceeding what shelters can fill. That’s only the start of where we’re heading.

The entire world will be rebuilding. In those crews will be those who have awoken and those that haven’t, and it doesn’t matter. A massive shift still happened with creativity, inclusiveness, and distributing the shocks becoming part of the rebuilding. No one group will solely carry it. With so many waking up, their energy can’t help but be infused into the reconstruction.

See the miracles that are happening. Send light to those that have lost loved ones, those working tirelessly to save every life they can and to those helping in other ways so we can remain secure at home. Stay safe, and if you do anything, then do this one thing. Stay out of the fear bubble and stay in the love bubble. When you feel you’re losing your footing and are experiencing struggle, ask yourself where you are standing in that moment and adjust it to serve your Higher Self. Go on a fear-free diet and eliminate anything that brings your senses into the dark. Start with the news. Be selective as to what you expose your five senses to and be ‘Self-Is’ around that. Unload the beliefs that have you shackled to negativity. Acknowledge the emotional charges around you and understand they are all aspects of you, and release them. Take full responsibility for yourself. We’re not only going to get through this, but we’re going to do it together and create something better then what we left behind.

To not make light of any of this, I’m intimately aware of the challenges that exist. I have no immunity to the obstacles that may endure as I move forward. Still, by standing in a place of the “Impossible being Possible,” it is a lot less unnerving—being conscious by viewing challenges as new possibilities rather than unconsciously falling back on behaviours from what is now a dormant past. COVID-19 has shown us that we are limitless, that the “Impossible is Possible,” that compassion exists in all of us and that we are all in this together.

One Love, One Family, One Humanity.

3 thoughts on “The Impossible is Possible

  1. Cynthia Reyes says:

    Thoughtful and thought-evoking, Djanka. We have a glimpse of something at this time that is both scary and enormously positive. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Alison says:

    Djanka, well said. There ferment brewing inside our captured commercialized souls has been released by a tiny little viral particle and poof! Maybe we become human once more. My family welcomes your family to the possible.

    • Djanka Gajdel says:

      Beautifully stated. Thank you Alison. What we choose to do with this new limitless insight remains to be seen. Truth is the Impossible was always Possible we were just blind to it. No more.

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