One World, One Humanity, One Love

COVID showed us the dangers that lurk in a deadly virus, one that we know has the potential to transmute itself and compromise human life. Racism does the same. It’s equally nasty. No surprise, with striking similarities, they’ve surfaced back to back during these unique times.

Where people with COVID struggle to breathe, so did George Floyd. The weight on his neck held by a man with a belief system absent of Love. Where COVID isolates those that are most ill, racism isolates those that are most vulnerable. To avoid spreading COVID, we must practice a new set of protocols that include wearing masks and protecting ourselves, so we safeguard others. To prevent racism from spreading, we must be present to practicing procedures around a new awareness and eliminate conventions that perpetuate this virus from spreading.

COVID forced people to stay home, reflect and see life through a unique lens, one of possibility. Racism is showing people to reflect and see life from the lens of their heart, knowing there is a better way. The test for COVID goes deep inside one’s nose where there is breath. The test for racism goes deep through one’s eyes, triggering their belief in separation. The Coronavirus can be viable in the air and, pending the surface, exist from four to 72 hours. Racism is also viable in the air through conversation, social media, and any communication methods that perpetuate fear, lasting from a minute to centuries. While masks are available to protect oneself from the virus, the masks of racism are invisible veils of toxic beliefs with no exposure to truth. Coronavirus spreads quickly from person to person. So can racism when it’s nurtured in a collective consciousness void of compassion and rooted in fear. COVID is widespread globally, and so is racism. COVID’s symptoms can range from mild to severe and can be fatal. Racism is as harsh, and it, too, can be fatal.

Medical professionals are collaborating to create an inoculation to eliminate the virus with the push-on for a vaccine. The same intention is true with racism. One isn’t born racist, it is a learned behaviour. No child knows how to hate. They are taught to contaminate their awareness through habitual thoughts and emotions, limiting their consciousness. Peaceful protests are becoming the new consciousness and catalyst to create the inoculation to eliminate this virus. Presently there exists no definitive cure for COVID. There is, however, a cure for racism, Love.

Like the pandemic, this is an unprecedented opportunity for transformation, embracing the winds of change and inviting enlightenment into our lives. Those that resist will remain in fear outside of the collective consciousness. As mentioned in prior blogs, you can only operate in one of two bubbles at any moment in life—either Love or fear.

When I first witnessed Colin Kaepernick taking the knee, I was struck by his power and grace—having the courage of his convictions while galvanizing a social justice movement by merely taking a knee. I was convinced the NFL would support an inspired, peaceful and courageous act of principle, but I was wrong. The opportunity squandered by ego by placing business in front of the lens of humanity. A futile attempt that only now the NFL is recognizing. Business will always be in the shadow of profound change for the betterment of humankind. The NFL underestimated how critical and far-reaching Kaepernick’s actions were—twisting them into a distraction instead of viewing them through a lens of expansion and a plea for transformation. When things shift, it’s not designed to accommodate business. The intention of change is to further its focus. When it comes from a place of truth, nothing can stand in its way. Its job is providing a stronger foundation for everything that previously existed around it. For anyone who can’t see what Kaepernick did as being for the highest and greatest good for all, is blind to what is going on.

David R. Hawkins, a psychiatrist and author of “Power vs. Force,” speaks to how our bodies cannot lie. That Love is power, and fear is force. A peaceful protest being power, inserting military to counter it, force. Kaepernick’s actions were power how the NFL reacted, force. As power grows, it embraces the shadow of force. To hear Roger Goodell now speak about the NFL supporting Kaepernick’s actions speaks to how disconnected they were to the truth. A truth that grew exponentially in Kaepernick’s time, space reality to the point his actions generated the shift he wanted to see.

We can’t divorce ourselves from humanity. We must work on the relationship, and things need to change as the broader message is one of social equality. We need to talk now and understand those conversations may be uncomfortable and painful, but necessary for change to happen. We’ve hit a tipping point. We have to see the world as our family and liberate foundationless beliefs and perceptions and embrace that we are one. Compassion will sit at the head of the table, and there will be no seat for resistance or ego so we can get to the other side. It doesn’t mean violence; it means awareness, acknowledgement, surrender and, most importantly, a new and collaborative path. The struggle will always lie in the defiance of unity. It’s time we come to understand the pain that others have lived with their entire lives. Only then will we wash away the residue of hate and become present and diligent in our new practice. We have become bankrupt as a planet, busy mining for illusion perpetuating our separation. We must find Love in ourselves, so we can bring it into the lives of others. If we can’t love ourselves, how are we ever going to love another? We must listen, have respect and, above all, see ourselves in the person looking back at us because it IS us. Our separation is the underlying cause of this virus, our unity, the cure.

This movement shows us that we all matter and that racial discrimination serves no purpose but to hold us back as one collective consciousness. Dr. Oscar Peterson understood this fact intimately. One of the founders of ‘Artists Against Racism,’ Oscar, had more than his fair share of experiences. All of them were never his, or anyone else’s to have. But like Kaepernick, he demonstrated his power and grace daily, commanding himself from the highest point of humanity. Living a sacred existence from a vista of self-respect and Love for himself and others demonstrating daily that all lives matter and that included his own.

George Floyd’s life was not lost in vain. It fractured the complacency and indifference. He was light like all those before him, and he was the catalyst for a tidal wave of change that needed to happen. Like the Coronavirus shutting down the planet, this wave of change is required to embrace the new earth. The shifts from the pandemic and those from racism are no different. It is a virus, a pathogen that breeds hate and fear, creating separateness. An infection that exists in society, in families and in life. The immunization for racism is to recognize the truth and stand in Love. Any resistance is where the pathogen can prosper.

Global leaders who strive to foster separateness while the Universe is demanding otherwise will be replaced. Their job is to initiate the change they claim to comprehend. Politicizing the Bible during this difficult time is vile and immoral behaviour illustrating a blatant declaration of being shackled to ego instead of embraced by one’s own expansion. Leadership needs to come from a place of power, not force, and we need to assist in that by being the change we want to see. You can intellectualize all you want, but you’ll end up in the same place – standing in a position of unity and Love. It’s not ethereal. It’s necessary. The ultimate legacy for humankind will come from compassion.

Living at this cutting-edge time of 2020 has shown us that we lack vision and aren’t further down the road as we otherwise believe. With stunning advancements created on this planet, how is it possible that we are blind to the fact that we must also grow and evolve as humans?

I speak of it often because it’s true. Love is what we need—embracing a belief system that heals not harms and allowing a new way of being to exist that serves everyone, not just some. These societal fractures need mending, or we can’t move forward. At our core, we are all connected on this planet, and hate doesn’t fit into that equation. It is a manufactured belief system stemming from fear distancing us from the truth. The world is weeping, and we’re still not getting it. Working on healing is everyone’s job, including our elected officials. We have made significant advancements in labs and on other platforms of creation. We now must actualize ourselves from our Higher place of being and focus on the good.

I think it’s poetic that at this time in history, we are fighting racism alongside COVID while we all look the same, wearing masks. For the first time, our mouths are covered, so our eyes can finally see the truth.

One world, One humanity, One Love.