I received a video some time ago of world leaders singing the words to John Lennon’s song, “Imagine.”

The message illustrates what could be but isn’t. That got me thinking. What if Donald Trump suddenly experienced an iota of enlightenment. What would that look like in a parting note to Americans? 

“My amazing and fantastic American friends, and all my international and great friends who my incompetence has impacted.

It’s been tremendous to be the President. While in the White House, I wasted my time which wasn’t good, it wasn’t good at all and missed opportunities that could have been tremendous for the country, really tremendous, so tremendous, to be perfectly honest, it was not my fault. I was held hostage by my ego and not the waffle. It was sad, unbelievably sad, so sad. 

A lot of people are saying I need to make reprimands. They’re saying I needed to leave a note for President-Elect Joe Biden. That’s just what I heard so I left an incredibly powerful note including information to connect the parents to the children I separated earlier on in my special Presidency. I know now what I did was not good, really bad, separating them from their great families. I see how my actions were totally horrible, basically not good, not good at all. Everyone is now saying it’s important to bring healing to these tremendous and amazing families who’ve had a really hard time, incredible and horrible time. I can’t give healing to others if I can’t see its huge, very huge lack in my own family. Time to tear down walls and to build bridges and that includes my beautiful and tremendous family. They really are tremendous. 

I’ve heard that I have made 30,573 false or really misleading statements. In all fairness, I think the number isn’t so huge. They made it like it’s really huge, massive, but I don’t think it’s so major, but I’m not good with numbers; if I was, I wouldn’t have had the terrible, unfair business transactions and bankruptcies. A lot of people are saying I even miscalculated how many people attended my incredible inauguration. So let’s leave this dopey idea alone and say sure. I played with the facts. Honesty was overrated for me. Because of my insecurity and wanting to look credible, many, many people, too many to count around me, scrambled to deal with the fallout. That was a substantial and massive screw up. 

I’m disgusted by the opportunities that, frankly, I blew using my unbelievable power to satisfy my own interests. It was not good, it was stupid, really stupid, but then I’ve done a lot of incredibly dopey things. I really have. Many, so many, really a lot, and when things got scary, I was weak and ran away, far like to my golf course. Golf became my mistress. But the game can be dumb and goofy. Horrible really. For those who don’t understand, golf was my way of connecting to something brilliant and great, really great where I believed I had control when I must tell you, I had none. Truthfully, it is a very vicious game, terrible, not a good game.

Anything showing outside of my reality was in the shadow of my pathetic, scary and very vicious ego, so I didn’t pay attention. I could only see myself. Unbelievable? Right? My dealings with the very powerful and strong, really strong world leaders were flawed. So sadly, divisions were formed. The withdrawal from the Paris Accord, which now makes no sense to me. I never read it before, ever, but my actions helped to create a global and national landscape with massive and vast cracks in it. That was not good, really not good. 

I apologize to all the groups I let down, from the tremendous BLM to the incredible LGBTQ community. I was a terrible loser. I was in resistance to appreciate you are all so strong, so very strong, and you are all fantastic. We are aspects of each other, and we are all powerfully connected, really powerfully. Believe me, I didn’t have a clue. At the time, that was absolutely and frankly too big a leap for me. I was in fear, and it was from that pathetic and sad, really sad place that my reckless actions were launched. An open heart, which you all have, is a scary, very scary and a foreign idea to me. I was supposed to represent all of the amazing Americans, not just some.

I didn’t know that being President would be such hard work. It’s a lot of work, you know, so much work. I only knew how to handle it from how I handle television where I hit a home run, highly successful, tremendous, really tremendous on tv. But to be fair, you don’t know what you don’t know, and in my Presidential world, that was a lot. People very much involved tell me I wasn’t polished or mindful when I spoke, but reactive, using my own language to look smart because you have to be smart, you know you’re the President, people need you to be strong, really strong, tremendous and brilliant. So I made up dopey words like ‘Covfefe, Nambia and The Cyber.’ It wasn’t good. I also made fun of people, which was really dumb and so pathetic, and worse, terrible, really, really terrible. I shouldn’t have. I must tell you I promise to learn from that. It was never seen before ever, and it’s not gonna happen again. 

I didn’t have a clue I wasn’t above everyone else. I must tell you it’s really hard, very hard being my ego’s bitch. The likes of which I’ve never seen before ever. That I can tell you. 

I know I left a huge mess, and believe me, history will be tough, really bad to my Presidency, but I finally woke up. It hit me hard. That’s really good. It’s great to wake up. It’s special and really, really great. With what I now know, I would have told myself earlier, “you’re fired.” 

I ignored the disgusting and frankly scary Coronavirus. I thought it would become obsolete, and instead, it spread out of control. It was surprising how massively it spread it really spread. 

I exaggerated claims of undocumented immigrants, which was dishonest knowing my beautiful, very beautiful wife and her tremendous family are immigrants. But those were my stupid fears. 

I said I created a really massively strong economy in the world’s history, knowing absolutely Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton had a far stronger, certainly stronger economy during their Presidencies, but I needed the love, totally needed it. Before the pandemic, the economy was already overrated. My ridiculous trade wars took the manufacturing sector into a technical recession in a bad way.

Everything around the election and inciting an insurrection was a disaster. It was out of control, chaos. It was scary, sad and terrible, I mean SO terrible, it was terrible. I know I have to accept responsibility. Many people are saying I used “decisive rhetoric,” which is a problem and isn’t the way to engage, and I have done it often in my own business dealings. I must tell you lies leave ruins the likes of which I didn’t know. 

Firing whistleblowers and truth-tellers should not have happened. That was dishonest and crooked, really crooked, but it would have compromised me at that hugely important time. The pardons I gave should have been for the wrongly convicted instead of wasted on lowlife’s looking for a free pass. What a joke. I was blind to what the process is about, really blind. I even profited off of the Presidency when there should have been zippo, but again I didn’t have a clue. 

To be perfectly honest, I have a deep, very deep attachment to separation and distrust for unity—the likes of which I’ve never seen before. I’m absolutely working on this.

As for my history of misogynistic behaviour, my tremendous fall from Grace hit me hard. It showed me that my bad feelings of violation I now feel are no different from those experienced by any woman who has been violated. It was rude and disgusting, really disgusting and inappropriate for me as a tremendous father, great husband, incredible grandfather and unbelievable Commander and Chief to behave in such a horrible, not good, bullying, and sexist manner. What’s worse is feeling entitled to act in a way that is really a crime, a major and substantial crime.

My great shortcomings have not been Presidential. I’ve caused pain, a lot of pain and death, and for that, I apologize, but I didn’t know it was gonna happen. As for the company I kept, they weren’t the most enlightened, zippo, trust me, clowns, morons and phonies, but like attracts like, right? We were all lightweights invested in our pathetic commitment to allow our horrible, very terrible egos to overthrow us and create separation over strong, extremely strong and hugely important unity. That is what many people, so many, too many people, maybe the whole world wanted to tell me. 

Believe me, I am sorry for all that I have done, and I truly promise not to run again.

God Bless you all.”



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