Dinosaur Extinction = Change

Trumpasaurus and Dougalodon

The food chain is losing insects, animals and birds. I get that we’ve been the instigators in this, but I wonder why the Malayan Tigers are extinct while dinosaurs continue to roam the planet.

Though the appearance of today’s dinosaurs is different from those found in archeological digs, they are just as predatory and dangerous. Their existence and the number of them in positions of power, shocking. Predominantly found in the area of politics, their ideologies that ought to be extinct continue to thrive, with yesterday’s perceptions becoming the lens to solve today’s issues.

Currently walking the planet is the Trumpasaurus, who is clumsy and craps all over the place. Possessing a short attention span, the word ‘squirrel’ has it scampering mindlessly. The Trumpasaurus is dependent upon other reptiles for its life support system. Destructive and possessing poor navigation skills due to its minuscule brain, it is an inept hunter and poor defender of its territory. Recognizable by a weird coloured tuft of hair, scientists have typically found it chasing small round objects or close to the water as its easily entertained by its reflection.  Highly gaseous, it’s expelling of ozone-damaging methane sounds like a broken trumpet; consequently, its namesake. I’ve been told there exists offspring who frighten easily and can be found hiding behind the Trumpasaurus as that is their means for survival.  Having no sense of direction or boundaries, the Trumpasaurus will trample whatever landscape it is on with arrogant disregard for its existence.

Then there is the Mitchceratops. Equally destructive to the environment. It, too, enjoys a Lilliputian brain. The Mitchceratops mimics aspects of a turtle both in speed and in hiding. Its head typically buried in the ground. It’s butt fully exposed. Some archeologists have nicknamed this dinosaur an Assceratops due to excessive exposure of its derriere versus its head. Known for destroying its habitat, it moves at glacial speed while maintaining a disposition of stubbornness. Its significant behavioural pattern of burying and blocking things is why this species is nearly extinct. No surprise it is challenging to mate with and possesses flawed vision rendering it almost blind to all that surrounds it. There exists nothing endearing about the Mitchceratops. It is highly unadaptable and is one of the few dinosaurs that meanders close to the Trumpasaurus. Being the most ancient of all the dinosaurs, the Mitchceratops is known to destroy things, not for food or shelter but for its pleasure. The grunting sound it exudes is a means of protection to announce itself as it travels in its habitat. The Mitcheratops is responsible for clearing a path for the Trumpasaurus, who wouldn’t otherwise be capable of moving beyond where it is.

There is a Palindactyle who is the only female fossil related to this species. It is unlikely that she will reproduce. Spotted in Alaska, she’s not dissimilar to the others in that her brain is puny. Some scientists have suggested the size of a pea. Despite the fact she has wings, she shares several similarities with the Trumpasaurus and Mitchceratops, in particular, a gawking sound that paleontologists have been able to decipher as nothing more than noise.

Then there is the Kimraptorex, a younger species that stays close to its environment as it, too, is dependent upon its community for food. It can be found on the continent of Asia and is attracted to shiny things.

In Canada, we have the Dougopus Rex. The only one of its kind. It’s aggressive and dominant behaviour is not dissimilar to the Trumpasaurus. Interestingly enough, it too possesses a tiny brain in addition to reduced reflexes and poor judgement; consequently, it has a small community in which it inhabits. Even amongst dinosaurs, it tends to be shunned, operating similar to a bully in the prehistoric world. There was talk that all had gone extinct until it showed up. It’s lacking in being limber, makes it sluggish, slow and unpopular amongst those that appreciate an excellent reptile. Its ancestors are extinct, although it is rumoured to be a distant cousin to the Harrisopus Rex.

What will negatively impact these dinosaurs is the recent report by National Geographic that bananas are one step closer to disappearing, as they favour this fruit in their diet alongside crackers and nuts.

These and other dinosaurs have delayed the evolution of progressive concepts and actions. Void of empathy and unfamiliar with the idea of unity, climate change and a host of other significant issues, these energetically low calibrating slumbering creatures operate from a place of ego and physicality. Possessing deficient intelligence has somehow secured their existence. They require constant supervision as they are destructive, and extinction would be an ideal path for them to get on so the Balinese Tigers could get off.

Because favourable conditions support their survival, be it in politics or business, we can no longer nurture such a landscape or we’ll disappear before they do. If that’s the case, they’ll get their very own ice age, which according to this year’s Farmer’s Farmer’s Almanac, maybe as early as this winter.

It is difficult to constructively move forward when the pool of knowledge and possibility is restrained due to resistance. We require progressive and radical action not for the sake of it, but for the necessity of instigating enlightened advancement. The idea of respect for the planet and one another cannot come any other way. As long as we have dinosaurs, we have separation. Our voices and our votes are the fuel to obliterate all that keeps us shackled to archaic notions and rhetoric that doesn’t serve but harms. Change is what will eliminate these dinosaurs.

It’s time for their antiquated asses and ideologies to become obsolete and extinct.