Carol Welsman – A Nonlinear Portrait

Carol Welsman is a six time Juno Award nominated female jazz vocalist/pianist who had her nonlinear portrait captured by Canada’s premier portrait photographer, Edward Gajdel. Carol’s voice is easy and elegant, sexy, sophisticated and oh so smooth leaving her listeners with a resonance of magic only she can deliver. Whether Carol is performing or writing, she is inspired and driven by her passion for music. Fluent in French, Italian and Spanish and talented not only on piano, but on guitar and violin, Carol confidently owns her Beauty, Power and Grace. Her allegiance to her calling is something we all have within each of us and women like Carol give us permission to stand in our own magnificence. Another talented and gorgeous spirit from the WhatWereYouThinking tribe of incredible women.

Carol Welsman from Edward Gajdel on Vimeo.

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