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Brian Bailey - our Oscar De La Renta

2901 Bayview Avenue 416.221.3355

What has sustained itself repeatedly from elimination of several edits from my wardrobe are all the pieces I have purchased from Brian Bailey.  We’re lucky.  He’s our Oscar De La Renta of Canada.  He understands styles especially for women our age group and delivers.  The pieces I have are simple, elegant and never go out of style.  That delights me.  

Cote De Beouf - Beeeef!

130 Ossington Ave. 416.532.2333

There is a butcher shop on Ossington called Cote De Beouf.  This little place transforms into a restaurant after 6 and is delightful with the three barrel tables that sit there.  Wonderful french wines can be paired with their menu and the butter tarts that they get on occasion are the best in the world.  I say that because I hate butter tarts and these have had me reassess that pledge.  

Favourite Pizza

591 College Street 416.537.0078

Favourite Pizza in the country, no embellishment, “Trattoria Taverniti”.  The most authentic Italian establishment on the strip.  Dom  won the title at the Vegas International Pizza Expo.  Homemade old school tomato sauce, fresh toppings and authentic thin crust pizza.  Gorgeous.  Tell Dom who is an Italian looking Johnny Depp that Djanka sent you. 

Vittor Hair Salon - What a Gem!

1130 The Queensway 416.551.4247

Vittor Salon is my new favourite find thanks to my sisterhood.  Don’t expect the champagne to be pouring here or fancy coffees. We’re talking a small strip mall with a shingle that reads “Vittor Salon.”  Vittor the proprietor just happens to be really talented and at this time in his life is comfortable with a small salon and lovely roster of clients.  He's doing it his way. Easy to drive by and miss.  Expect a fabulous cut,  great colour or luscious highlights for a reasonable price. Imagine that?!  

Sole Survivor - These ladies are fixing my Sole(s)!

16 Kensington Ave. 647.995.3306

I won’t part with my boots or shoes unless they absolutely scream for me to.  Any repairs or refurbishments I bring to “Sole Survivor” in Kensington Market.  An all female shoe repair shop that is delightful.  With women adoring shoes I’m not sure why there aren’t more of these types of places.  The young women are skilled, love shoes and bring that passion into what they do.