The Avatars of Costco

Like many, I have been on a quest of consciousness my entire life to answer that one nagging question, why am I here. That spiritual probing we ultimately pose to ourselves at some point in our existence. Those I know have elected to travel to far away places like Machu Picchu for answers.  Some have […]

Good Night Walter Cronkite, Hello HBO

I grew up on a diet of Walter Cronkite delivering the 6 o’clock news. There wasn’t a better more trusting custodian to report the current events with his deep-seated integrity matched only by his compassion. With the changing times, I now get my news from ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ and ‘Bill Maher’ both […]

Lisa Fischer – Musings on a Muse

Lisa is one of many people I’ve had the privilege of meeting  being a photographic representative over the past 30 years. Though many celebrities crossed my path what I came to discover relatively quickly is that we’re all unique and famous. We may not have a television show, but that by no means diminishes our […]