A Love Lost

I draft this note while reminiscing about the times we spent together.  You were lovely.  I came to know my way intimately around you. The boundaries surrounding my life were crystal clear when you were part of it.  Why did you have to go? Remember when we first met?  It was the early sixties.  A time […]

Reclaim, Refashion, Rejoice

I have frequented second-hand stores my entire life. They’re fun offering unique items that are inexpensive. You need several things to shop vintage/secondhand. The desire to hunt, a great pair of eyes, to source out tears and holes from previously dining moths, a knowledge of brands, including those that are high end, and a great […]

All Aboard!

I saw a piece on television featuring an Anglican priest standing outside a train Station on Ash Wednesday in Toronto.  Several people aware that it was the start of lent, approached him as he was holding ashes.  He was stunned by the traffic that came his way as he applied the grey dust on those […]

The Avatars of Costco

Like many, I have been on a quest of consciousness my entire life to answer that one nagging question, why am I here. That spiritual probing we ultimately pose to ourselves at some point in our existence. Those I know have elected to travel to far away places like Machu Picchu for answers.  Some have […]

Good Night Walter Cronkite, Hello HBO

I grew up on a diet of Walter Cronkite delivering the 6 o’clock news. There wasn’t a better more trusting custodian to report the current events with his deep-seated integrity matched only by his compassion. With the changing times, I now get my news from ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ and ‘Bill Maher’ both […]