Not a day passes that I don’t suffer from Roborhea. The digital diarrhea of excessive robocalls. The symptoms are identical, discomfort, uneasiness and wanting it to stop. Scammers have hijacked my daily calls. This inundation of robocalls has trained me not to pick up any call whose number I don’t recognize. Alexander Graham Bell would […]

Announcing a new section for WhatWereYouThinking!

“What Were You Thinking” is happy to announce that our family is growing. We will be hosting monthly blogposts by award-winning financial planner Jackie Porter. Jackie is a best selling author and speaker who has helped thousands of clients grow their net worth while building a fortress around their finances, focusing on keeping more of […]

Prenups get a bad rap. Here’s why they shouldn’t

“If you ain’t no punk, holla ‘We want prenup! We want prenup!’ Yeah!” If those words sound familiar, there’s a good chance you grew up in the era of Kanye West’s 2009 hit single, Gold Digger. The song, featuring Jamie Foxx, tells the story of a man trying to protect himself from a gold-digging spouse. […]

Oh God!

It’s ironic, the appearance of Catholicism of late showing up in the U.S. election.There are those Catholics voting for Trump and those voting for Biden.  The same faith, two camps, go figure? Another example of how fractured Catholicism is. Adding to both camps’ polarization is the Pope’s recent announcement for gay couples, endorsing civil unions. […]

The Fierceness of RBG

I’ve been enveloped by strong women my entire life, so it makes sense that my heroes emanate that same quality. I appreciate their strength, fortitude and how they inspire me. Though intimidating to some, these women are frequently misunderstood for declaring themselves. One of those dynamic women in my band of heroes has recently passed […]

Patience – A Thread in the Quilt Called Life

When I started this blog, I couldn’t begin to imagine that I’d be writing from the lens of a pandemic, but here I am. Life has shifted, and so have the vistas of middle-aged women. One such revelation being patience. If ever one was to have mastery around patience, now is the moment. Our environment […]

Culling to a New Normal

Photograph by Jelena Gajdel

People are speaking about entering a new normal, but what is normal? Sanitizing my handbags and my shoes’ soles are now normal—Lysol serving as my new fashion etiquette. My dedicated leather COVID handbag, which was sanitized regularly, faired no better than my salt-stained winter boots. Lacking in resiliency from the routine spraying, I was forced […]

One World, One Humanity, One Love

COVID showed us the dangers that lurk in a deadly virus, one that we know has the potential to transmute itself and compromise human life. Racism does the same. It’s equally nasty. No surprise, with striking similarities, they’ve surfaced back to back during these unique times. Where people with COVID struggle to breathe, so did […]

The Covidiot and Quarantini Archetypes

My last few blog posts were about the miracles that I experienced while going through the COVID-19 pandemic. This isn’t one of them. In addition to the pandemic serving as an event in enlightenment for those who choose to see it that way, it also gave birth to two new distinguishable Archetypes: the Covidiots and […]

The Impossible is Possible

Now that we’re living through ‘Anything is Possible,’ can the ‘Impossible become the new Possible?’ These words have roots like never before as we live through this global pause. The current circumstances are beyond our imagination, yet here we are, living day to day, through a pandemic, protecting ourselves and each other. The Coronavirus is […]