Fa La La La This

‘Tis the season of merry production. Dashing through the house and pulling out the festive platters, boxes of tree decorations and garland, decorating inside and out. Picking up a tree, and paying triple due to a shortage, while putting together our gay apparel. Create a seasonal ‘to do’ list that winds up being a book […]

The Present

With the Christmas season upon us, the chatter of commercial consumption has commenced, focusing on acquisitions instead of reflections. I’m reminded of the complexion of Christmas’s past, celebrations as a child in the early sixties. Christmas Eve and Christmas morning spent at church, followed by a festive extravaganza either at our home or that of […]

Dinosaur Extinction = Change

Trumpasaurus and Dougalodon

The food chain is losing insects, animals and birds. I get that we’ve been the instigators in this, but I wonder why the Malayan Tigers are extinct while dinosaurs continue to roam the planet. Though the appearance of today’s dinosaurs is different from those found in archeological digs, they are just as predatory and dangerous. […]

A Mortgage Payment for a Haircut

I’m hearing that the ladies are finished laying out what feels like a mortgage payment to get their hair done. I’m prefacing this blogpost not to include those that have engaged in DIY perms, hair colours or other jackass activities that required a salon to bail them out. Nor am I referencing the salons offering […]

A Life Lived Through Vows

I didn’t fully understand the power of vows until I renewed them.  I was 23 when I first declared my vows to my husband, much to the chagrin of the Catholic church — coming from the pages of Kahil Gibran instead of the bible. When my husband recited his words, I heard loving poetic prose […]

It’s Cool To Be A Dinosaur

When the Raptors won the NBA championship it dawned on me that they did more than that – they rebranded middle-age for women. Like a championship game, menopause at times can feel impossible to beat.  The hot flashes along with depression can appear as heavy and overbearing as a power forward. Their journey as a […]

A Birthday Wish to Me

It was my birthday last week. I could say ‘damn time flies,’ but instead, I’m saying ‘bring it on.’ The wisdom and insights I have acquired at this juncture are priceless and empowering. The seasoned intuition, the decades of experiences, and the ability to exhale as I take in a vista that I have created […]

The Mini Terrorists

I’ve been kidnapped and held hostage. My perpetrator’s names? Hormones. They are erratic in their behaviour, and often I’m incarcerated in their madness. On a rare occasion, these mini terrorists appear to be sensible, which is when I plan my escape, but it never lasts. These ruthless monsters are infiltrating the door to my mind […]